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Can I log in directly to the website, If I am a VIP already?

As the site member system and store members system are two separate systems, store members still need to apply for a new account on the website.

Could the integral from membership be used in the official website?

Sorry, the current membership mechanism and the online membership mechanism are two separate systems. 

Which payment method can I use to pay?

We offer a variety of ways to make payments, including Paypal and bank transfers.

Can I change my appointment of delivery time suddenly?

Please be assured that our delivery staff will call you before delivery to determine the delivery time, address and date, then you can make any request.

What should I do if there is a problem with the received product, such as the order does not match?

You may contact our customer service immediately and we will make arrangement for returning goods in accordance with our Return Policy.

How do I track the order status and past records?

You can check the status of your order in the "Order List".

Will Koon Wah Food official website synchronized with the store to carry out promotional offers?

We will introduce different types of sales promotion in response to the market situations. Please refer to our news on the branches, official websites and social networking platforms for details.

What channels can I use to reflect my views and ask for enquiries?

You can contact us via the "Contact Us" online form, email or call our Customer Service Hotline.

Email: info@koonwahfood.com.hk
Customer Service Hotline: 852-23862068

Is it necessary to register the user account to be able shopping at the Koon Wah Food official website?

Yes, because the registration of user accounts is simple and convenient, you only have to provide your basic information for opening the account quickly. Personal data will only be used for delivery service. However, please note that the minimum amount of free delivery service varies from different regions.

What business are Koon Wah Food & Preserved Fruit Fty Ltd. involved?

We are mainly engaged in the manufacturing, retailing and wholesale business of preserved fruits, and Koon Wah food has more than 50 years history. Except Hong Kong, you can find our footprints in China, the United States and Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand and other regions.

Where is the origin of Koon Wah Food products?

We only set up factory in Hong Kong, and all manufacturing and processing procedures are handled in the factory, it is absolutely safe and reliable.

How should Koon Wah Food products be stored?

We recommend that you store it in a dry place or refrigerator, to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Especially dried meat and dried squid, are more susceptible to mildew. Please keep dry after opening.

What is the best edible period for Koon Wah Food products?

Most of our products

Will Koon Wah Food products use second-hand oil?

In order to maintain food quality and customer health, we strongly refused to re-use edible oil, in the production of fried products, cooking oil will only use once.